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Valentines Day

February 1st, 2007 at 04:52 pm

What can we do that is FRUGAL ?

Any ideas out there?

Does Valentine’s Day have to be expensive? Not at all. Are you and your loved one going through a tough time
financially? Even if you’re not, is the thought of saving
money more attractive to you than spending a small fortune
on Valentine’s Day gifts? If so, I encourage you to try
something different this year. Take the Valentine’s Day
Challenge. Set a small spending limit -- $5, $10 or
whatever fits your budget -- and agree with your spouse to
give gifts that are low in cost but high in creativity.

Let's see what ideas we can COME-UP with and share them here.



14 Responses to “Valentines Day”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Well, I save the card and give him the same one every year. I also bought a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates for us to share.

  2. fairy74 Says:

    I got a nice card for DH and then I am printing our favorite songs out on nice paper and attaching them to a piece of posterboard with little glittery heart stickers...

  3. carol Says:

    I made Valentine's paper pouches by cutting two paper valentines the same size(larger is better in this case) gluing them together except for the top where I will be placing the candy, adding a leftover mini red velvet Christmas bow in the center(take a pencil and punch a small hole in the center and gently push the stems thru and bend down). I plan to buy about $10 dollars worth of candy. It was a hit last year with my oldest son's classmates and my family.

    You can get creative and do paper hole punches all the way around, thread with yarn or pretty thin ribbon and tie off on both sides, and decorate with glitter, sequins, plastic mosaics, tiny paper hearts, etc. Let you imagination run wild.

    You can use plain white paper or colored construction paper(marble is best). Total approximate cost--$15

  4. nance Says:

    I bought a cute Hershey's Kisses tin, at the dollar store, that is a reproduction of an old Hershey's advertisement. Then, I took the Walgreen's ad for the 14.8 ounce bags of Hershey's kisses to Wal-Mart for their price matching. The bag cost $2.50. I folded a piece of white tissue paper so it just fits in the tin, poured in the red and silver foil wrapped candy kisses, and folded the tissue over the candy. It looks great, and cost a total of $3.50. I will get a nice card at the dollar store, that will cost fifty cents.
    Instead of going out with the crowds, we will make a nice dinner at home, and eat by candlelight.

  5. gruntina Says:

    I dont spend money on valentines... I just be more creative with what I have... for an example.. make dinner super fancy that night... if have salad... I turn the carot into a long spiral pices, cut radhishes in heart shape. I can bake a heart shape cake using the stockpiled cake mix box.

    I also draw my own cards... from simple paper even!

  6. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Oh this is easy-
    Picnic in the most romantic outdoor place you can find.

    I scouted a secluded bluff overlooking the ocean one year and had a twilight picnic with hubby. (Babysitter for the kids). It was tough as I am in a fairly urbanized area. But succeeded and I'll never tell the location.

    Wine, cheese, crackers, actually the food was not as memorable as the feeling of 'secret escapades'.

    Just one of many inexpensive options.

  7. tinapbeana Says:

    not romantic per se, but still a tradition: my mom makes heart shaped meatloaf and we try to get together sometime around valentine's day for a family meal. we've been doing this for 15? 20? years now... boyfriends have come and gone (and husbands too, in my sister's case!), but mom's heart shaped meatloaf is always there

  8. nance Says:

    PCJ, the outdoor picnic sounds wonderful, but not in snowy Colorado.
    A picnic by the fireplace would be lovely, however.

  9. fern Says:

    I love all the handmade ideas, including the heart-shaped meatloaf. So adorable!

    I was thinking the same thing about the picnic, that it couldn't be done in the snowy northeast, but wait a minute...you could plan a 'pretend' picnic on your living room floor, spread a blanket, pack a basket with those tried and true essentials, the wine & cheese and fruit or maybe some homemade fried chicken. Gather all your potted plants around and pretend you're in the forest!

    I think i may try this with B....

    What i got him, well, was not cheap, but he's so worth it. I ordered a dozen chocolates in the shape of seashells cus he loves the beach. Will put them in a small V-D bag with a nice silver keychain inscribed with:
    this verse:
    Oh, to be lying on a beach somewhere
    With sand in my toes
    The wind in my hair.

    That way whenever he looks at the keychain he'll think of the beach, and hopefully me! I will also get him a nice card in which i'll be using the word 'love' for the 1st time.

  10. fern Says:

    Also, white doilys would make good valentine's day heart cutouts.

  11. miclason Says:

    The most fabulous idea I ever had for Valentine's was a "things to make you smile about" jar...all you need is a jar, a piece of nice paper or cloth (preferrably in "valentine" motives) ...a piece of string (you use this to decoreate the lid of the jar, a la gourmet jelly....oh, you also need a nice label...so you can write: things to make you smile" or something like that LOL!....AND, waht goes inside? you make a list of special things you have shared...then you cut up the list by items....you then fold these and put them inside....it's really personalized and really "cheap" as far as $$$ goes....but, it's one of those "priceless" things...

  12. MarthaAnn Says:

    GREAT, you certainly did put some GREAT IDEAS on the table.
    I have not made a decision, yet, on my DH and what gift I shall make.

  13. threebeansalad Says:

    We always stay in on Valentine's Day. Restauarnts are always croded adn rushed. I make dinner on V-day. but typically spend a little extra at the grocery store to buy a nice piece of fish, a nice cheese, or something else to make the meal somehow more special. This year, , howver, I think I'm babysitting on Valentine's Day. We'll have to celebrate another night!

  14. campfrugal Says:

    I get a box of the conversation valentine candies for each of my children and my husband a bag of dark chocolates. We will all probably make pizzas in the shape of a heart and put our favorite toppings on them and I will probably make a cake. Just togetherness, that is what counts.

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