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Getting started - again

January 31st, 2007 at 02:04 pm

I lost this site. No computer for a while and then one thing after another prevented me from posting.

My plan on Jan 01,2007 was to spend only $100.00 at the grocery store.My freezer and pantry was in need of Sorting and purging so I decided DO NOT BUY MORE FOOD.... ONLY "MUST HAVES"

As of 01/31/07 my total is $104.00.

Let's see HOW well I can get by for February, the short month.

Feb 02,2007

I wanted to share this piece of info:

The Vanguard survey of 2,474 individuals age 40 to 69 indicates that “The conventional view of retirement -- working full-time until a set date then shifting to full-time leisure – does not match the experience of many older Americans.” Ergo, the so-called “New Retirement” of baby boomers that blends work with leisure is not so new.

Some other nuggets of interest:

According to the Social Security Administration, 45% of people 65 to 69 are earning income from work, as are 25% of people 70-74.

Downshifting, as in a changing relationships to work, is more typical.

6 in 10 define the word “retirement” as some combination of work and leisure.

Self-employment is the second more popular option among the “Never Retire” group.

Implications for financial advisers: more complex and customized help needed.

Implications for employers: phased retirement in demand.

Our personal preference and recommendation is for a balanced portfolio of work, service and leisure. For more on this, contact a 2young2retire Certified Facilitator in your area.

ALL OF THIS INFO is from a newsletter I subscribe to and thought others would enjoy reading some of these stats.