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Conserving Resources

August 10th, 2007 at 02:30 am

I was ready to post -- Another NO SPEND day when I came across this great article.

When I have used the word FRUGAL with my in-laws and other family members they make a face and say " like a cheapskate"

UGh !...
This article says it SO WELL.

Frugal Living: When Less Is More
By Josette Coppola

Frugal living sounds like a charitable way to describe the lifestyle of someone who is cheap, but itís actually a term that can imply much more than simple economizing. Traditionally, the concept of thrifty living emphasized the financial streamlining that characterized efforts to save money solely for the sake of stockpiling or investing it. The ultimate aim was to gain the peace of mind offered by financial security or to accumulate a ready supply of cash for future uses or emergencies. Nowadays the idea expanded to include not only saving money but also conserving resources. The principles of frugal living today usually focus on establishing a way of life that does not glorify the pursuit of excess but instead encourages a respect for minimalism. Living thriftily is not a financial practice but a spiritual philosophy, one that gently but firmly insists that less is more.

Is Enough Ever Enough?
Some of us have a difficult time accepting the frugal attitude, and if we look around our world, we can understand why it violates our customary way of thinking about life. Everywhere we go, various forms of media from newspapers to television to the Internet bombard us with images and words, and the common message is one of conspicuous consumption. We are told in both subtle and overt ways that we should channel all our time, effort, and talent into acquiring as much money as we can and amassing as many possessions as our houses and garages can hold. Frugal living may seem like a bizarre concept in the face of all this rampant commercialism......

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